Press Release

The Saskatchewan Health Authority has issued the following statement in response to the letters of concern the Town of Lanigan has been receiving regarding emergency services at the Lanigan Hospital.

“The SHA has prioritized the reliability and predictability of emergency services in rural and northern communities,” says Dr. Kevin Wasko, Physician Executive for Integrated Rural Health. “To ensure we fulfill the SHA’s goal of providing care as close to home as possible, we will use new and innovative delivery models, including team-based care and technologies like virtual care.”

“The way that emergency department services are provided in Lanigan and surrounding communities might look different than what has been available in the past but we will ensure the patients’ needs are appropriately met,” says Karen Earnshaw, Vice-President for Integrated Rural Health. “With these new opportunities and innovations, we aim to build a reliable and predictable service delivery model for rural emergency services in  Lanigan  that will be co-designed with our physicians, and will be data-driven and community informed.”

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