The twin engines of mining (potash) and agriculture drive our economy which has been boosted by tourism and intensive livestock operations. Lanigan continues to be a “full service” Town providing a full range of recreation, protective, health, education and spiritual services.

The Lanigan Economic Development Committee has a mandate to encourage and promote the economic development of Lanigan.


Nutrien, Lanigan Division is located 11 km West of Lanigan. Nutrien employs over 325 employees with the majority living in our community. You can visit Nutiren on-line at


Agriculture plays a major role in the economy of Lanigan. Located 8 km East of Town is Pound-Maker Agventures Ltd, a fully integrated feedlot and Ethanol plant. The feedlot has a capacity for 30,000 head and the Ethanol plant produces over 10 million litres of Ethanol annually. Intensive hog operations are located East and North of Lanigan by one of Saskatchewan’s leading producers, Stomp Pork Farms.

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