The pride of Lanigan is the 2.6 million dollar Arena/Hall Recreation Complex. This project was made possible due to the dedication and generosity of the residents and businesses of Lanigan and surrounding communities. The complex opened its doors in May of 1999.

The Arena/Hall houses a skating rink, a fully equipped kitchen, a hall, and meeting room facilities.

The rental rates for the Complex are as follows:

Town Hall Rates
Dances & Socials:$500 per day
Fall Suppers: $200 per day
Meetings: $200 per day
Youth Groups (< 4): $100 per day
Youth Groups (> 4): $200 per day

Arena Rates
Mezzanine: $75 per day
Ice – Local Minor Sports: $92.40 per hour
Ice – Other Local Sports: $121.00 per hour
Ice – Out of Town: $144.40 per hour
Arena Lobby (off Season): $100 per day
Ice Surface/Arena Lobby (off Season): $400 per day

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