The Lanigan Curling Rink has four sheets of artificial ice and free span roofing supported by metal beams giving it a warm atmosphere. Ample walkways at both the home and away ends provide the curler with plenty of space.

Unrestricted viewing is available on two levels. The upper level glassing provides good viewing from any position. A licensed lounge is available on the second level.

The lower level is fully glassed with seating at ice level. A canteen, providing excellent quality food and snacks operates during the curling season.




Competitive Schedules – Tuesday
Mixed Schedules – Thursday

Club Executive
Doug Ewen, VicePresident
Box 981
Lanigan, SK S0K 2M0
Phone: (306) 365-8690
Michelle Stevenson, Secretary

Hours of Operation
The Lanigan Curling Rink is open November through March.

Contact Information
Lanigan Curling Rink
Box 981
Lanigan, SK S0K 2M0
Phone: (306) 365 – 2453

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